Designing an Information Space

Fabulous article! I’m thinking about adding it to my delicious bookmarks. I am actively using parts of it while I redesign both of my websites.

When trying to create an experience that you want people to learn from, careful planning is really a necessity. A classroom teacher wouldn’t walk into a classroom without a carefully crafted, well thought-out unit. The same is true for those designing learning events in e-Learning (or other informal spaces).

In some respects, e-Learning is really more like classroom teaching than not. You go through a certain cycle in both: plan-teach-check for understanding-reteach if necessary. It’s the daily cycle of teaching and needs to be remembered by those designing e-Learning experiences. Plan well. Test on a targeted group of users. Be ready to adjust elements to achieve the results you want. Never release until you are sure that the reteaching step can be handled by your design plan.

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