Plan Before You Implement

It’s always interesting to note how when you discuss a topic, it seems to plague your days for a while. I recently temped at a local data management solution company where I had a rather interesting conversation with one of the gentlemen there. We were talking about knowledge management and my feelings toward it.

He informed me that those with my mindset are too bogged down in the implementation and that the solution is to just throw up a wiki and let people figure it out.

The other day, I came across this article, which actually deals with learning management systems as opposed to knowledge management situations, but I feel it highlights the flaw in the gentleman’s “just do it” mindset. These systems have to be created with the users in mind, and need to be able to grow and change to meet the needs of the corporation.

Planning considers the user and the future in its scope. The “just do it” mentality can outgrow itself before it ever get off the ground.

Found via eLearningPost’s daily links newsletter


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