Strategy is Disciplineless

I tend to watch cartoons based on various card games. A few years ago, it was Digimon. Currently, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh. I also used to play and watch tradeable card games being played with a high degree of frequency. I noticed that those who were successful in one TCG were generally successful at other TCGs or at least learned them very quickly. These players had formulated strategies and then figured out how to employ them across a variety of games.

It should also be noted that these players nearly always did well at non-TCG  where strategy was a key factor, as well.

The same can be said for many disciplines. If you devise a strategy that works in one situation, it can likely be applied or tweaked to work for another. Similarly, if you devise a strategy in one discipline, it will serve you well in other disciplines. This is actually my basis for wishing I could set up a research project involving younger gamers. I can see these (mostly) teenagers, who have developed some lovely strategies and other skills through their gaming hobbies, becoming successful businessmen by applying the strategies they’ve developed as teenagers.


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