Teaching Information Literacy

I don’t remember much beyond a brief unit on fact and opinion in learning how to determine the validity of a source, despite the fact that I’ve spent so much of my life doing research and reading. The closest I’ve ever come to going on a tour of a library was twice in college, both times the entire tour was five minutes and amounted to, “The stacks are that direction. The periodicals are that direction. The restrooms are that way.”

Somehow, despite all that, I grew up loving libraries, and even working in some. There are days when I think I’d even like to be a librarian.

These things together probably explain why I don’t understand how students in this age of overly available information aren’t learning how to discern whether or not a resource is trustworthy. This is a time when it seems to me that information literacy should be a focus of classes starting in middle school where extensive research papers are being assigned.

Found via Library Link of the Day


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