Why e-Portfolios?

I remember having to put together a teaching portfolio in grad school for one of my classes. Being that it was for my museum education class, the portfolio (which still exists and is in use) showcases lesson plans, special events materials, school contact samples, and various media created for events.  I think there’s even a section for thank you-notes and evaluations, and then another section that focuses on current articles I personally found relevant and interesting.

It’s an interesting little window on what I have actually done, something my paper resume can only hint at.

Through ELGG, I’ve been trying to learn about the concept and application of e-portfolios (something I’d like to develop for myself). I’m learning a lot about the concept of a personal space blended from various social networking tools, and it’s actually guiding in the development of several personal projects, including my web site and a wiki.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading on the subject, and I discovered this post that describes for a high school student the benefits of taking the time to build and maintain an e-portfolio. I just felt it was a great explanation of some of the potential uses for an e-portfolio.


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