If You Design Something Online, And No One Can Access It…

I’ve been working on lesson plans and project/technique sheets for wire jewelry, possibly as a start to develop an online class. This is a project I’ve been working on for a month.

Originally, the plan was to develop the lesson plans for a teaching position I was taking with a local craft store. However, they decided that I didn’t fit their psychological profile (yeah…I know…), and decided to hire someone else without telling me they had changed their mind.

I wasn’t terribly surprised, given some of my conversations with the people there, but it left me with these lesson plans. Currently, I’m thinking that I might be able to convert them to an online course, but I haven’t really decided on that yet.

In developing these lesson plans, part of my goal was to develop technique and project cards that could be handed out in class (I wanted to encourage my class to get into the habit of collecting and organizing patterns for future reference.) I slaved over some of them, and then ended up without a class to hand them to. It wasn’t an issue in the least, since I was starting to work on a wiki.

It was going to be perfect. I was going to put the project and technique sheets into the wiki as a starting point for building it.

However, I ran into a small glitch once I got everything established. I’m using a hosted wiki. Go ahead, click on the link. I have it set so that anybody can read it.

Let me guess…it asked you to sign in, didn’t it? What Jotspot forgot to tell us until someone asked recently is that it is not suited for widespread public viewing. Oops. After marketing itself to its beta testers as this great solution for managing bits of knowledge, it falls dreadfully short.

When considering making your work available, you must consider your vehicle and make sure that it is accessible by those you wish to access it.


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