as a Blogger Tool

I’ve spent some time this week joining Bloglines, organizing the feeds I was already reading (imported from my LiveJournal account), and adding some new ones. I’m proud to say that I now subscribe to over 100 feeds (including my own blogs, and it takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes two or three times a day to keep up with them. If things change, I’ll implement a reading schedule on myself.

One of the new feeds I added (and was rather surprised to find I wasn’t already reading it) is Weblogg-ed, where I found this post on using

Now, the funny thing is that as I read this, I thought about how I use and Furl. As I read through my feeds every day, I save any posts and articles that I want to blog on in the Tasks tab of Outlook, complete with date I want to write about it and where i found it. Once I blog it, I save it to both and Furl. Sometimes when I can’t find anything I like, I’ll go through “…and other people” to see what interesting links might be out there. Sometimes I find myself running in circles and have to look for links that go outside anything related to my own tags.

I’ve often worried that I was completely silly in my approach, but it’s nice to know that others blog in a similar format.


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