Cross-Training to Your Weak Spots

Last week, a fellow teacher and I were talking. We were both completing our first month and both of us are just moving into teaching the subject we’re most comfortable teaching.

When we started, we both explained what our strengths were (math for me, reading for her). Then, she was started in math and I was started in reading. This week we were both trained in our respective areas and are starting to work more in our correct areas (although learning both the math program and the algebra program in the same week has been a bit tricky on my part).

We got to talking about this, both thinking it was a bit odd that we had each been started out in our weak subject. Then it occurred to me: we were trained in our weak subject area first because it was figured we could handle both subjects better if our weak subject was strengthened a bit before we went on to teach our comfortable subjects.

Time will tell if we’re right, and if that was just a bit of training brilliance.


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