Encouraging Listening

I’ve been using Bloglines for a week or two now, and I’m realizing that I’m developing bad habits.

Traditionally, I aggregated RSS feeds to my LiveJournal. While I read them (twice a day), I would immediately move any URLs of articles I liked into Outlook, along with a date, category, and cheesy title. Things would get blogged in a somewhat timely manner, and life was good.

Then I decided to try Bloglines on a whim one day. (I also added about 30 feeds.) I read through my various categories two or three times a day. Those that I want to look at again get flagged as staying “new”. Then I forget that I’ve done this. Then I forget the post even exists. Finally, a couple of days later, I will go back, decide that I really do want to keep the post or article, and clip it.

This article has the distinction of waiting the longest to be put through the entire Bloglines process.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I read and re-read this article. I’m just not sure any more. But it deserves to be shared, because we can all stand to benefit from the information in it, which is why I kept clinging to it.

Listening is one of those skills that is completely not inherent (I’ve spent the week with children under the age of seven. I am completely convinced now that listening is a learned behavior.) It’s one that we must work on continuously because it is such a challenging skill. It expects us to be completely selfless and to be completely open to the person speaking. It asks us to drop our preconceptions and to allow our worldview to be challenged.


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