Collaboration in Moderation

There has been a huge shift over the past ten years to focusing on projects requiring teamwork. There are many theoretical reasons behind this. When you split up the work, it is done more quickly. Splitting up the work allows people who are strong in one area but weak in another to contribute positively. Teamwork builds communication and trust. The list goes on.

If you cannot succeed in a team setting, then you’re “not a team player” and you can bet your presence won’t be tolerated much at either staff meetings or the break room because you don’t play well with others.

Collaboration has its place when used in moderation. It is not intended to be used as a crutch. It is not intended to be the new age efficiency expert’s miracle tool. It should be a union of two (or more) people with complementary skills working together to solve a problem that needs to draw on all of the skills present to be solved. It should never cause more strife than solution.

Class projects are the bane of every student’s life. Team projects are the bane of an effective employee’s life. The setting may change, but the need to not rely solely on collaboration remains the same.


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