Why I Still Prefer LiveJournal to “Blogging”

Please don’t misunderstand me- I love my blogs. Each and every one of them.

However, I also like efficiency. I like it a lot.

Blogs are meant to foster communication. Comments are part of the inherent structure of most blogs to facilitate communication. I like receiving comments because it says that people are reading what I’m writing, and I love to hear other people’s opinions.

Because my online journaling experience started with LiveJournal, though, I automatically respond to any comment that I feel needs a response. I continue the conversation. In LiveJournal, it’s simple: you read someone’s comment, you click on a link to respond. The response posts in a thread with the original comment, and both the commenter and the owner of the original post can recive an email saying, ‘Hey! Somebody said something over here!”

In the blogs however (and so far I’ve only tried TypePad and Drupal’s blogging structure, but I’ve heard rumors that it’s not much different in other blog structures), you post your comment, and an email might go to the owner of the original post if they set it up for that. If the person you commented to (the owner or another commenter) posted a few commenters head of you, they may miss your reply. If they never look back at the post they commented on, they may miss your reply.

I think the threaded comments structure does a more successful job at faciltating the type of conversations blogs are supposed to be fostering, and will continue thoroughly enjoying that feature of LiveJournal.


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