Big Entities Get Underlines, Small Ones Get Quotation Marks

If I were Chloe Sullivan, this would be Wall of Weird material.

Friday night, I was working on getting some pre-blogging done in preparation for a crazy weekend that failed to materialize. I kept working on entries that required various levels of correctly presenting titles. At one point, I sat there thinking to myself that I was grateful to never have to teach that distinction to a student.

Saturday morning, I poured a little maple syrup on my words as I sat down to teach my regular weekend writing student. The lesson? Using underlining and quotations in titles. I choked for a moment before giving her the simplest explanation possible.  Thankfully, it worked for her. She got it without any problem.

Meanwhile, I was sitting there a little creeped out…

At least I now know I can teach this concept.


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