Games Can Be Effective Learning Tools

I’ve decided this week should be about gaming. One would think I’d have a gaming week during National Game Week in November, but I guess I’ve never been one to comform. Heh.

Gaming is a method of learning [Dead link]. While it is true many skills can be learned through various types of gaming, one should always take caution. A study recently discovered that games with distracting elements meant to keep the learner engaged solely by entertainment aren’t worth the CD they’ve been burned to.

It’s been my experience, both as a gamer and a teacher, that games can help build problem solving skills, communication skills, deducitve reasoning. Some games help increase basic math skills and teach or reinforce basic economics skills. Game stores that have gaming on the premises are also now trying to build social skills. Gamers have long been thought of as socially awkward because their socialization has been limited to fellow gamers in the same boat. By helping to grow those social skills in a safe setting, these gamers are turning out less awkward, and more likely not to live their life in a fantasy world.

I’ve always thought games were a great way to introduce or reinforce skills and concepts, but I think I’m probably biased because of my background.


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