Considerations in Online Writing

All of my writing efforts go online somewhere or other, and so I’ve had to adapt my style to accommodate the needs of publishing to the web.

The hardest adaptation, perhaps, was giving up the indention of my paragraphs for adding a space in between paragraphs. The second hardest was losing the second space after my periods. One is a white space consideration to help reduce eye strain. The other is undoing a convention established by the use of typewriters, where the additional space was needed to help clarify if the smudge mark was a period or a comma.

Those are just technical considerations, but I’ve been running across articles on other needs that have to be considered in online writing. Most of them come from the styling of the page. Clear writing in the header and navigation helps engage visitors and encourage them to stay longer. Content-rich information on  web site brings people to your site.

If you do everything correctly, addressing the needs of your technology-tethered audience might even bring you work and eventually income!


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