A Brief History on Blogging

I spend quite a bit of time blogging or reading blogs. In fact, blogging has kind of taken over my life for the past two years. I started my first blog when they were just becoming a new toy for the masses.

So, i guess it just really bothers me when those aspiring to A-list or those involved in edublogging get all up in arms when others create a link blog.

I’ve decided that these ambitious folk don’t remember how the web log got started. It wasn’t as a journal, or a means of self-publishing, or a marketing tool. It was for the purpose of storing links people found interesting on the web. Some people just logged their links. Others wrote notes to help themselves remember why they were logging the link.

In time, people constructed narratives around their links, and the narratives became personal. People started visiting these pages for suggestions on what to read. Search engines saw these link blogs as support for whether a site was good.

When someone creates a link blog, they are blogging in its original form. Perhaps the wanna-be A-listers and the edubloggers should go back and do their homework. Blogging history can be a fun thing!


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