Learn English With the Dead Bunny!

I posted a while back about teaching a student about prepositions, and becoming the Dead Bunny during the encounter.

Tonight, the Dead Bunny came back to teach subjects and predicates. The same student was given an assignment on compound predicates, and she’d never even learned what a simple predicate was. I explained it to her, using the unlucky bunny as the subject of my sentences, and her unfortunate fate as the predicate.

It was quite funny, and the student grapsed the concept very quickly.

I looked at the teacher, who had initially opposed the development of the Dead Bunny, and we both agreed that the Dead Bunny is a good thing. The center director even likes it…but I think it’s only becasue it’s funny and it works for the student (a nine-year-old girl!)

So…I continue to be a Dead Bunny… I’m guessing I’ll never live it down! (Yes, I’m aware it was my own fault.)


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