Taxonomies in Information Management

It often amazes me how many terms I have grown up with from other areas of my life keep wandering into education. The first, and I’m finally making my peace with it (after a fashion) is the term “artifact”. I actually had to go to a dictionary to find out the full meaning of the word in order to accommodate this seemingly out of place use of the term.

The one I’m now wrestling with is “taxonomy”, a method of classifying. It’s been on my mind off and on for the past few months thanks to tagging and talk of folksonomies (or personomies). All of these odd terms that seem to have appeared because people felt that there was no term that truly fit the activity being described.

I’m still sorting out all of it in my own mind, but this article on defining taxonomy does a great job of comprehensively explaining the somewhat simple job a taxonomy can fulfill in the development of an information architecture structure.


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