Talent – Natural or Learned?

You grow up being told what you’re a natural at. You pick up skills because you want to learn them, but they may not come as easily to you.

As educators, we get to engage in the “nature vs nurture” debate in every single class in our teacher preparation program. I’ve always been of the belief that you might be predisposed toward certain types of skills, but you can learn anything you choose to learn, so I was quite intrigued to read this article on creating talent.

The article shares research results that show talent is made, not inherent. Of course, the fields they choose to focus on initially are ones that do require years of study and practice to become proficient at. I have to agree with some of the commenters, though. I still think you have to have some form of predisposition to truly achieve a high level of performance. It should definitely be combined with practice, but I think it’s possible to have talent that comes from both external and internal sources.


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