The Narrative Versus Web Reading

I’m feeling a bit confused by the trends I’m seeing in business writing. On the one hand, writers are encouraged to incorporate the narrative into their work to make it more user-friendly. People relate to narrative, and incorporating it will help people see what you are trying to communicate.

However, writers are also told that there is no time for people to indulge in reading important documents, so the high points should be bulleted and as concise as possible. Busy people just want to know what they need to know, and tone be hanged! While it is possible to be concise and informative in a narrative tone, the two do seem to be in conflict.

Is there a solution, an elegant way to keep the brief highlights while still weaving in the narrative? I don’t know, but I’m certainly going to be on the lookout for it, and striving for it in my own writing.


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