Recognizing and Growing Talent in Others

Something I’ve always been talented at (and perhaps why I have often found myself coaching individuals through career changes) is recognizing what someone else is good at, and then pushing them in the direction they want to go. Often, I’ve helped someone see a talent they had that they never realized was there.

I use this talent to my advantage as a teacher, a manager, and a volunteer coordinator.

Skip Angel recently shared a lovely piece on how it really is the duty of any manager [dead link] to recognize the talents of those around them and then grow those talents to help the person reach their potential, and that’s so true. Managing isn’t about just getting the work done. It’s about cultivating the people who do the work to improve both them and the quality of work produced.

When someone has been encouraged to develop their strengths, they often respond by continuously seeking to do their best, create their best work, try their hardest, and work to consistently contribute to the environment. It’s true with employees. It’s true with volunteers. It’s true with students. Point out the strengths. Encourage growth. Help those around you become the people they were meant to be.


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