Clean Up Your Blogging

I have a very bad habit of slapping together a blog entry and posting it without giving the post a second thought. It’s not the healthiest way to go, I know, but I have made a promise to myself to work on combating that tendency.

Lately, my reading on writing has really focused on improving blogging skills. Oddly enough, right as I started thinking about improving my blogging, the feeds I read all seemed to think about becoming better bloggers, too. It was a little creepy, actually.

One of the posts making the rounds was this post from A List Apart on tips for writing for the living web. It’s an older article, but still very relevant. It suggests writing to a specific topic (nearly all of my blogs have this one covered), writing often (most of my blogs have a very specific posting schedule right now designed to accommodate my odd schedule so I’m not meeting this one at the moment), and interact with people (this is an area I definitely need to step up!). There is a lot of good information here, and I may sit down and analyze each of my blogs against this advice.

The other posts that really caught my attention should both help me with assessing my current level of blogging. Blogging isn’t just about randomly talking on various topics. It’s about generating conversation and moving ideas around. Weblogg-ed really brings that home in this post on assessing blog entries. Copyblogger, however, suggests assessing your blog against the internet itself, suggesting that you write for a human audience instead of the search engines. The prescriptions for each of the problems are pretty good advice, too.

With more reading and more practice, I’m confident I’ll be able to step up my blogging game and bring it to a level I can be proud of.


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