I Have the Opposite Problem

I’ve been trying to catch up on reading through my feeds after a week of being sick and then on vacation, and I came across this gem that almost made me feel jealous: It is often better to talk less.

I have been cited more than once by teachers in every level of my schooling for being very concise. In my writing. In my explanations. I tend to try to find the shortest route to say what i want to say. Part of this is because I’m terribly shy, and the less time I can spend trying attention to myself, the happier I am.Part of it is I just don’t see the point in wasting words. If i can get across an idea in just a few words, then I’m not wasting somebody’s time.

Now, I am working to make myself write more, to take my time talking about topics without feeling like I’m rambling. I’m sorting through writing copy, and trying to figure out how to write a complete novel (I actually think my need to be concise has been a major contributing factor to my inabiliy to finish NaNo every year. The fact that I’ve successfully done it twice impresses me no end, even if it has completely wrecked the story in the process.)

For most people, talkling less is good. In my case, I need to become comfortable talking more. There’s a fine balance looking to be achieved here, I think.


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