The Tone of Writing

One of the things I struggle with in my blogging is the way I deliver information. My best friend has informed me more than once that my blogging style comes across as stiff and academic. I tried to lighten up a bit, and my mother became concerned about me because my vocabulary was shot.

When I blog, I try to write as if I were just sitting here talking to you, and admittedly, my speaking has become more low-level over the past year because of my job. Talking on my normal level is the quickest way to baffle the adorable second graders I’m trying to teach math to, so I have tried to make my speaking more accessible to my little students. The problem is, I tend to keep this simplified speaking style while I’m working at the center.

When I sit down to work on my blogs, I’m still in my little-kid teacher speaking mode. It can be very difficult to shift back to my normal, high-level discussion pattern. I’m working on trying to find the middle ground, or the point where I can slip easily back and forth between the two, and it’s been frustrating.

In some respects, I really identify with this article on finding your voice as a blogger because I think it relates in a way to my own situation. I’m trying to create authentic posts without feeling like I’m being stiff or elementary, and really having to think about what I want to say and how to best phrase it.

I wonder how many other bloggers find that they have to make some sort of shift in their mindset between their work and their writing.


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