Too Close to the Situation

I sat down this afternoon to work on editing the first chapter of my NaNovel from 2003. Of my four NaNovels, this one was my favorite. It’s the one I always thought I should finish, edit, and try to do something productive with it.

I’m still working on finishing it, but I’m trying to take a stab at cleaning up the earlier chapters as a means of reacquainting myself with the story and figuring out where I left off. I made an outline for the story before I ever started writing it, but knowing where I am has proven a little challenging. I mean, I only walked away from the book for a couple of years.

I edited the prologue without too much effort a couple of weeks ago. It was easy, though. The prologue sucked. It didn’t accomplish any of its goals. Fixing it was quite simple.

Working on the first chapter isn’t proving to be nearly so easy, even with favorite editing resources on hand. I think a big part of the problem is that I’m trying to edit a scene that I fell in love with when I wrote it. I know you’re supposed to be utterly ruthless when you edit and push all emotional attachment aside. I just can’t seem to hit that point with this chapter.

Anybody interested in reviewing (or editing) this chapter for me? Maybe a different pair of eyes can do for this chapter what I seem to be incapable of doing.


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