Always Ask Questions

A few months ago, we had to take this personality test that showed all twelve of us had nearly identical personality. It was supposed to demonstrate our communication style, too, so that we would have an easier time relating to each other. Theoretically, whatever your top response was also governed your communication style. On me, that theory fell completely apart. My communication style matched my lowest response instead.

The directors read the description for that style and then started mimicking me. You see, I ask a lot of questions. When something doesn’t make sense, I ask. When something is unfamiliar, I ask. When something is contradictory, I ask. It almost amuses my directors.

Asking questions is one of those things someone really needs to know. Asking questions help out in many ways. They clarify policies and procedures. They point out outdated policies in need of a revamp or removal. They help clarify thoughts. They can set definitions for vague projects, and offer potentially better ways to accomplish tasks.

If you aren’t asking questions, maybe you should start. Don’t be afraid of being labeled a troublemaker. The more questions you ask, the better you will get a tasking the right questions, and then people will be grateful you’re asking so many questions!


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