So, a Panda Walks Into a Bar…

A friend was kind enough to give me Eats, Shoots and Leaves for my birthday this year, and I finally found time to read it!

If you have not read this little gem yet, you must. No, seriously! Go out right this minute and obtain a copy (or if you’re more patient, click on the link above and order it). It is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read this year. Not bad given that it’s a book on punctuation (complete with its own punctuation repair kit)!

She not only discusses how to properly use various punctuation marks, but also includes examples of common misuse with an explanation of the problem. She also includes a history of the punctuation marks. Did you know punctuation marks originally were to instruct actors on how to read lines? It wasn’t until society became more literate that they became important to the general populace. It’s another connection between writing and acting!

It’s informative. It’s charming. It’s worth the read, and you’ll come away smarter!


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