It Just Has to Be Down

I’d really like to share this with the NaNoWriMo crew, but I think most people would benefit from reading it.

The hardest part about writing is that it’s so tedious that most people don’t want to give it much effort. Wait, that’s unfair. It’s not that writing is tedious. It’s that people want to write the perfect piece on the first shot…

…except it doesn’t work that way.

The first draft exists to capture all of your thoughts, badly worded, poorly punctuated, painfully phrased. That’s its job. It lives to capture utter crap. Without the poorly executed first draft, the polished piece cannot exist. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t have a benchmark to compare it to, to pull that feeling of genuine accomplishment from.

Love your first draft. Respect the sanctity of the first draft. Don’t worry about the quality; focus first on the quantity.


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