Knowledge Activism

Somewhere over the years, I have become a knowledge activist. I think I even have a pretty certificate that says this. It’s probably down in the folder with all of my training certificates. I am all about recording knowledge and getting it out to people.

Knowledge withheld has a good chance of being lost. Companies who lose long-term employees who specialized in a specific progress find this out the hard way all the time. Knowledge shared is not only in danger of being preserved, but it’s in danger of being allowed to evolve as better methods, process, and practices are discovered.

Become a knowledge activist in your workplace. Share your knowledge with other people. Write up procedures for what you do, keep them in a notebook at your desk, and update them routinely. Offer to mentor a newer or junior staff member. Offer to run a brief training on something you specialize in during a staff meeting. Find a way to add to the collective knowledge of your company.

Not only are you helping to prevent a loss of knowledge, but you’re also showing that you are a team player.


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