My Blogging MO

I’m a bit more on the ball with this week’s blogging challenge, probably becasue it’s such an easy one to discuss.

My method of blogging was actually recommended in an article on small business blogging a few months back. I really take a slackers’ waay out, but it works well with my lifestyle.

During the week, I find links and events that are blog-worthy and capture them in my calendar. On Friday morning, I sit down with my calendar and start writing the entries for the upcoming week, scheduled to post at a certain time (part of why I absolutely adore WordPress!). Sometimes, I get them all written out on Friday morning. Sometimes, I’m still writing entries late on Sunday night. My goal is to have all of the upcoming week’s blogging finished before I go to bed Sunday night. I did briefly try to incorporate blogging into my daily routine, but it just drove me insane. The timed-release method works a lot better for my mixed-up lifestyle.

Lately, I’ve been considering revising my plans. I’m trying to determine if I have the time and energy to supplement my normal blogging activities with more “on the spot” blogging, but it really doesn’t seem to be in the cards these days.

Perhaps someday…


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