Favorite Writing Tools

We all have our favorite ways to write. For me, I work best stretched out over a spiral notebook, a mechanical pencil in my hand. I’ve done some rather accidental research on this and come to the inescapable conclusion that this really is the best way for me to work!

Most of the time, though, I do all my writing and editing on my laptop (ironically named Shigure). How I do it is even funnier.

  • I use EverNote as a dumping ground for ideas, notes, lines, quotes, character sketches, worldbuilding notes, etc.
  • I use RoughDraft to create my drafts (It’s all about the Pad!)
  • I use OpenOffice for all of my editing.

Before I had OpenOffice, I used to try to edit in RoughDraft, but my mind was too focused on trying to write and rewrite. No real editing was going on in my work.

It was when I started editing for others that I discovered I was more open to doing serious editing in OpenOffice. For some reason, my brain just needs that break, that division.

But I’m still happy with my army of spiral notebooks!


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