“Make Sure They Have Wi-Fi”

I remember when the big considerations for write-in locations during NaNoWriMo were enough outlets and parking spaces. The world was nice when that was the case because the demand made sense!

This year, I’m watching write-ins starting to be organized across the Puget Sound area (and yes, it is nice to be watching from the cheap seats this year, thanks), and I’m not even willing to try to hide how mortified I am.

Coffee houses that have served us faithfully for two years now are being passed over because they don’t offer free wi-fi.

Yeah….wi-fi…during NaNoWriMo write-ins.

Unless you are writing your novel completely on Writely, there is absolutely no reason you can’t unplug yourself from the net for a couple of hours to get some serious writing done. If you know you’ll need to do some research, either do it before you leave for the write-in or make yourself notes to research when you get home.

Free wi-fi should not be the make-or-break point when selecting coffee houses for write-ins.

(My mother will read this and die of shock. She knows I’m plugged in whenever I can be. Hey, Mom? I have my limits on living in the Matrix!)


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