Learning on the Go

I suppose I’ve never really understood the sudden interest in mobile learning opportunities that seems to have sprung up over the past several months.

Then again, I’ve nearly always had a book of some sort on me, and I don’t always read for pleasure. That’s not true- I consider reading to learn reading for pleasure when I’m in control of what I’m learning.

I think that may be the point of the newfound interest in mobile learning, and it might actually explain my interest in e-learning and the application of informal learning principles to technology. People are looking to acquire and improve skills, and those who have less-than-positive memories of sitting in a classroom or have little free time are willing to catch their learning opportunities any way they can.

Were I in a position to be more up to date in my technology, I know I’d be living off e-books and reading my feeds through a phone or PDA. (I actually really, really want a PDA to complement my impossibly scheduled, on-the-go life.) Perhaps I could even figure out a way to reach my more stubborn students through mobile components.

It’s a great idea- pick up a new skill while enjoying a cup of coffee (or waiting for a friend to arrive at a meet-up). Brush up on forgotten skills on the elevator to your office. Or beat boredom by accessing a quick learning opportunity.

We’re in the information age. We should take advantage of it to keep up to date and get ahead.


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