Be a Better Blogger

I’ve been blogging for what is rapidly approaching three years now. (It might actually be four. I need to drag out the timeline to be sure…) In an interview I gave earlier this year, I was asked if I felt I’d changed as a blogger. To be honest, I’m not sure.

It’s hard to say what demonstrates growth as a blogger. I’ve definitely noticed trends in my blogging, and when I haven’t liked where a trend was leading me, I’ve changed my blogging behavior. Even now, my blogging behavior is morphing to accommodate using Performancing.

In a way, I guess that’s why this post on being a better blogger really spoke to me. The analogy is perfect, because blogging really is something of a way of life, just like practicing a sport or a musical instrument.

To become better, you have to practice, to submerse yourself in the surrounding culture and make it a part of who you are. I’m still working on that second part, but I think it’s a part of defeating my hermit behavior.


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