Stay Strong Start to Finish

After spending all weekend obsessing over creating the perfect outline for my NaNovel, I finally got around to clearing out Google Reader (I had quite the backlog. It’s just been one of those weeks.)

Interestingly enough, it was all about starts and finishes. It occurs to me that in the end, National Novel Writing Month is really about starts and finishes, too. It seemed a great way to kick off the week that contains the start of NaNoWriMo. (It’s not too late to sign up!)

Later on this week, I’ll try to compose a list of links I think are useful for any would-be novelist (especially since I can’t find the link to my favorite word count meter), but for now, enjoy these thoughts on getting started and wrapping up anything, be it a piece of writing, a presentation, anything!



While I’m at it, I ought to make sure my overly loved Eric Stuart Band/Edwin McCain playlist is ready to go. (It would be nice if Mr. Stuart would actually get his new CD released, too, but that’s just my impatience talking.)


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