Readability is an Important Issue

I’m not talking about that scale that pops up when you run a word count in Word. I’m talking about the visual look of your textual content.

Think about books you have read. Have there been any that you thought would have been better if only you’d been able to make sense of the characters printed on the page more easily. (Maybe I’m the only one who’s experienced that one…) How about web sites? Have you ever left a website because you couldn’t read the lime green 10-point text on the pure white background?

When your audience cannot read what you have written (which is theoretically why you have written your website to begin with), they aren’t going to become repeat visitors, they won’t subscribe to your feed or email subscription, they won’t tell friends to visit. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep your traffic low if you’re looking to go that route.

Interesting content is only part of the battle. The ability to make sense of the characters on the screen is another important component. Make sure both are present to keep the readership coming in!


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