Storyboarding as a Planning Tool

I’m trained in using a number of planning methods. I can plan lessons, workshops, special events, training manuals, and all sorts of projects. Oddly enough, I seem to fall back on the first lesson planning method I learned to plan out anything.

Over the past few months, I’ve considered some other, more flexible planning methods for organizing projects. The most unique one I’ve learned has been the book proposal, because it considers things that I might not have thought to consider on my own.

The one that speaks most to my creative side, though, is the storyboard method. This method is best left to media, but I’m using it to work on a game I’m working on and really enjoying it. It allows me to work in parts while keeping a close eye on the big picture. I wrote out the playable sections in a flow chart. My next step will be to create the script. Then I can merge the two into a formal storyboard and build the game from there.

I’m also exploring using a storyboard to develop PowerPoint-based tutorials. Again, I imagine I’ll be developing the script independently and then develop the graphics. I’ll then take the two, create the storyboard, and develop the tutorials.

While I really like being able to separate developing each part with an eye toward the combined staging of the project, I also really like being able to play with the components to maximize their use, change their order, flesh them out before they become full components. It’s a chance to really think things through before committing to them, and since I’m doing these particular projects for myself, I have all the time in the world to decide how I’m going to approach storyboarding effectively and efficiently.


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