Games as Personal Skill-Building

Remember when we were children and the grown-ups told us certain types of games were for kids. Isn’t it funny how times change? Or maybe we changed the world ourselves by bringing our games with us.

I’m not saying that everyone who plays games like DDR or Guitar Hero is automatically some trained dancer or guitar player, but there are training simulations that are honestly training simulations. I complete my behavior-based interviewing training via a training simulator. It’s well-known that the military uses training simulators to help prepare their people.

Some would say it’s just the video game generation playing their childish games, but when games are designed purposefully, the person playing the game can actually learn something beneficial.

Look around. What skills could you pick up from a simulator? Have you already picked up or strengthened skills via some sort of simulator? You may have, and not even be aware of it!


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