Designing a Game

A couple of years ago, I was planning out a choose-your-own-adventure style book where you had to deal with some sort of math concept to move between story parts.

A couple of months ago, I actually started creating the game. It seemed like the perfect timing- I had a chance to work with a game design software. Unfortunately, my laptop is a little too old school, so I don’t get to work with it. Instead, this whole thing is going to be hand-crafted.

I’ve created a flowchart with the puzzles that need to be solved to move on to each level. Next, I’m going to have to outline the game. It’s occurred to me that this outline will be far different from any other writing project I’ve ever done because it will require me to write three different versions of the same scene.

Then, I’ll have to put my new storyboarding knowledge to work to weave the text and puzzles together.

When I actually go to build the game, it’s all going to hang on my novice HTML, CSS, and PHP experience. It won’t be pretty and evolved, but it will work and I’ll be proud of it. If it goes well, it may even be part of a portfolio!

It’s kind of fun being able to explore the various areas of my life through designing this game. It’s a great chance to see what exactly I can do.


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