Games as Training Tools

The other day, we looked at games as a means of personal development. Today, we consider games as a means of training the group.

One of the most common and useful training game is the role-playing simulation. No longer the domain of teenagers huddled around a table with cans of Mountain Dew lying around, role playing possible situations has become a popular way to help employees explore appropriate responses in a safe environment. It helps the team get into the mindset of the people they will be working with, which in turn allows them to be sympathetic when things don’t go as planned. It’s important for these simulations to explore not only good scenarios, but the worst-case scenarios as well.

Another common training game is the quiz show review. After teaching things, we always have to check to make sure our students understand, and what’s more fun than styling that check for understanding with a quiz show! It keeps the learning environment fun and helps everyone review.

One of my favorites in training was always some sort of brainstorming game. I’ve seen these take many shapes, but I like it because it can take on a Scattergories feel, or it can be topic-based, and the suggested competition or timed element creates a friendly sense of competition. It also allows for some great ideas to be brewed in a safe zone.

We respond well to games because we perceive them as fun and interesting. They help break up the training into digestible sections, and they can help get the point of the training across so that the actual training never stops.


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