(Not So) Comic Storyboarding

I’ve been reading up on storyboarding while working on a few projects around here, trying to get a feel for what it is and how to use it as a planning tool.

It started out just fine. I was reading. Articles were helpful. I bookmarked a handful. Life was going great.

And then last week, the trend slid into using storyboards to create comic-book style storyboards. This does not mean using storyboards the way comic book writers do. This means creating a storyboard that looks like a comic book. Instead of separating the concept and the art, the two are merged together without any attempt to describe the content beyond what’s available in the panel itself.

Realizing I’m still very new to storyboarding, I open the floor to those who are more experienced: Doesn’t this sort of defeat the purpose of storyboarding?


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