Making Reading Accessible

Right before I moved away from Boulder several years ago, I happened to meet one of the directors for Boulder’s Books for the Blind program. The books were read almost entirely by volunteers, and the guy thought I would be a great addition to his collection of readers. Unfortunately, I was a couple of weeks away from moving to a different state, so I had to turn him down.

I always regretted that.

When I got to grad school, I tried to see if Lubbock had a similar program, but finding any sort of useful service in Lubbock was something akin to looking for actual cheese on the moon.

Last year, I started sniffing around the Seattle area to see if I could find any similar program, and found a service that made the books available, but had no information on how those books came into being. (Were I smart, I’d go ask my favorite reference librarian in training about it!) I need to go looking again, because I need some way out of my current life. I need a chance to do something fun and relaxing!

It turns out that I may actually have an option if I’m willing to keep living this insane shut-in life. If I can locate a microphone that works better than the one I’m currently trying to work with, I may decide to volunteer with Librivox! It couldn’t hurt, right?


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