Knowing Knowledge

I spent the weekend (Actually, I started during the snow days last week.) curled up with a e-book or two, and one of them was George Siemens’ Knowing Knowledge.

I really liked how the book itself was laid out and presented, because it visually brought home some of the main points of the book.

Most of the information was fairly familiar, but seeing it all compressed into one space helped drive a lot of it home.

My take-aways:

  • Knowledge is organization, not structure.
  • Somehow or other, this actually inspired a massive tagging project. I’ve never really been much of a tagger because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the whole taxonomy/folksonomy thing. Reading this one line immediately spurred me to reexamine my attitudes and practices regarding tagging.
  • Repackaging is the personalization of the knowledge created by others.
  • Remixing is hot right now. It has been for months now. I haven’t really explored it much for myself, but I know I need. When the need for remixing or mashing up is described this way, it really illustrates the connectivist role of remixing, and I think it even provides a strong argument for connectivism.

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