Keep It Simple, Stupid

I’ve been working off-and-on all month on turning notes for a choose-your-own-adventure book into an interactive game. (Okay, that was redundant. Show me a non-interactive game…) At first, I was just kind of playing at it, moving bits around, trying to determine a structure.

That was fine for the game’s puzzle side, the means of moving through the game. I had that drawn up the first afternoon.

Then I had to turn my attention to the story. I had several notes scribbled about characters, an idea for how the characters got into the story, but no actual plot to speak of.

So, now I’m trying to create scenes (three versions of each scene to match the puzzle side) to fill in the planned puzzles. I’m essentially building this game backwards, and it’s become a rather tedious task.

I may have to abandon this particular game over it.


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