A Writing Fling

This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.- Dorothy Parker

I’m really starting to feel this way about my writing. Not that I’ve ever been terribly supportive of my own writing efforts, but lately, it’s been getting worse.

Chalk it up to my broken schedule. Chalk it up to the fact that in the interest of trying to improve my writing, I’ve taken to reading writing books and blogs. Chalk it up to the oddity that while I can verbally zing just about anyone anywhere any time I want, I can’t seem to capture that same wit on paper any more.

The first writing project that should thrown with great force should be the game I’m writing. Beats are nonexistent. Nearly every scene starts with some variant on “The three boys”. Dialogue is nearly always followed by “[name of character] [synonym of say]”.

One would think I’d never written before…when in fact I managed to always get published in my high school’s literary magazine.

The second writing project that needs a good fling is the NaNoWriMo project I had the most enthusiasm for when I started. My poor little archaeologist suffers being controlled by a bad writer. I honestly feel sorry for the girl.

I’ve thought about not writing anymore, if only to stop the horrendous novice mistakes I’ve decided to start making, but I’m wondering if I should chuck the writing advice instead.


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