Put It Down On Paper

So many posts lately are really resonating with me because they address either some new practice I’ve picked up, or an old practice I’m using again, or something I’ve done forever.

This article on paper prototyping fits under the second category. I used to do all my design and planning on paper before committing to the actual project. Somewhere along the way, I stopped doing this and almost stopped designing. At the beginning of the year, I dedicated a notebook to helping me get through projects.

It serves multiple purpose, almost more like a journal than anything else. I brainstorm article ideas, blog posts, art, anything. In fact, at the moment several drafts of an article, complete with sketches of the art for the article, are sitting in the notebook. The pages may not be all together in the notebook, but they’re all there with my notes and thoughts.

It’s great because I can work through everything, and it’s portable. I can pull it out and work whenever I have some down time.

Paper is just a great planning tool.


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