I Blog to Sort Out

There was a meme going around not too long ago that asked why each of us blogs.

In my case, I started blogging as a means of recording what I was finding online, and quickly started blogging thoughts on topics I was either heavily involved with or trying to reconnect with. That’s actually how the many arms of Rebecca Thomas Designs came to be. I was counseling friends and family through career changes. I was trying to find somewhere soft to land after taking far too many rejections containing the word “overqualified” in them (and working my way through the resulting depression I didn’t realize I was besieged by). I wanted to be doing something related to teaching. I wanted to be developing educational programming, even if I couldn’t pursue my dream of hiding out in a dusty office typing out lesson plans, workshops, and traveling trunks on a severely outdated computer. I wanted a way to keep track of everything I was learning and trying to apply about HTML and CSS.

Over time, the three were joined by blogs about my jewelry design and writing. I wanted to talk about what I was doing, to share what I’ve learned, my frustrations

I was trying to gather my inforamtion. I was trying to write down advice i was giving to those close to me. I was trying to record thoughts.

These days, I’m just trying to record and react to articles and posts I find interesting while at the same time trying to share that with whoever feels like reading it. I don’t write to an audience because I’m really just trying to not keep everything in my head. In fact, I’ve considered revamping Rebecca Thomas Designs because I feel like the five arms don’t completely reflect who I’m becoming, how my life plays out.

I blog to inform, to share. I blog to find myself, in the deafening screams of working my way out of the dark cloud that has pervaded the last seven years of my life. I suppose in a way I do actually blog as a form of therapy.

What’s funny is that in ways, I am slowly starting to reconnect with the person I was before the dark cloud, and that person is slowly starting to find her way in the world…when I stand aside and let her.


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