Gaming Teaches the Problem Solving Mindset

Games teach problem solving.

No, seriously. Probably 95% of my problem-solving skills came from a life spent playing all variety of games and puzzles.

More research is being conducted every day that shows this phenomenon is true for most of those who engage frequently in games.

What’s really cool is that the engineering sector is saying that a specific game can help kids develop the thinking skills necessary to succeed in engineering.

Where some people see a video game as someone sitting glued to a television for hours on end playing the same game, some of us understand that we’re learning to take risks, think situations through, trying out different combinations to find a solution. Where some people see the MMORPG as a great way to lose a loved one to a virtual world, some of us understand that some level of communications and social development is taking place.

The results are trickling in, and games can actually be beneficial for developing skills that serve adults well in the business world, regardless of the sector.


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