A Gateway to Creativity

Recent actions against mashed-up videos at YouTube has me thinking.

Those of us who are considered creative can tell you that when learning a new media, it’s not unusual to create something based on something you’ve seen and then building off that to find your own style. Education, in general, is that way. Create the way you’re taught, and then find the way that works best for you.

So, today’s students are creating reactive pieces to favorite books, movies, and television shows. They’re writing fan fiction. They’re creating fan art. They’re creating music videos.

Because they’re sharing these creations online, they’re also facing copyright laws that are becoming tougher and tougher even if they admit they aren’t trying to infringe on the original copyright.

Interestingly, they’re facing threats from American copyright holders and license holders. (I’ve always found that interesting.)

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but these imitations can lead a student to discover a talent they might not have. These creations may be the first step to a student developing their own projects.

They might even lead to the students finding a career, or at the very least their own brand of creativity.


One thought on “A Gateway to Creativity

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