Curiosity- A Piece of the Creativity Puzzle

Often when we think about creativity, we think about inspiration, something artistic or well-designed. We don’t often think about one of the driving forces of creativity- curiosity.

This goes back to my post last week about imitation leading to personal creative breakthroughs. The majority of us don’t come into the world creative. We have to find our creative path. For some people, this starts with seeing someone else’s work and saying to ourselves, “I can do that.”

We create something along the lines of what we thought we could create, but then something weird happens. Curiosity happens. Somewhere in developing our copycat piece, we are struck by the question, “But what if I did this instead?” Intrigued, we follow our instinct and explore that question. If we do it each time the question enters our head, we grow our creativity through our own playing.

“But what if…,” is one of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves when we’re creating because it allows us to acknowledge the world outside the box. It allows us to draw from ourselves, to learn something new.

Curiosity is a key ingredient in creativity and problem solving.

Inspired by Curt Rosengren


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