Building Your Understanding

This post from Joyful Jubilant Learning really resonated with me. I am a fan of peer teaching. My own roots in teaching started because I shared what I knew with classmates as a tutor, or just to help them get past an assignment, so when I see my kids start explaining something to each other, it warms my heart.

Peer teaching is one of those authentic assessment methods  that is so often overlooked. The idea is if you can teach a skill to someone else, then you have truly learned that skill yourself. It’s true. Even more than proving your own mastery, it also builds your own self-confidence when you realize that you know it well enough to share it with someone else.

Being able to share a newly learned skill is about reinforcing your own understanding of the skill. It’s about building your communication skills. It’s about being an active part of your community.

(The rest of the post is quite good, but I love anything that draws me back toward thinking about the uses of peer teaching.)


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